Startup success

Startup success

Securing funding

A small start-up  approached Esparter to help create a proof-of-concept for their new idea. With time and budget naturally being very tight we had to quickly distill the main objectives from the brief.

The key goal was to produce a set of proof-of-concept artefacts that would help secure initial funding from a group of potential investors. The company’s marketing idea was a new way for small companies to maximise their bookings. It was crucial that a working prototype help investors grasp the key concepts. It was envisaged that most customers would access the platform from their mobile phone. The prototype must show-case responsive design across multiple devices.

Speed was of the essence

Esparter had a very tight deadline to produce a working app. Our pre-existing web-stack really came into it’s own. Short feedback loops and communication with the stakeholders were essential.

Using the latest javascript tools and cloud hosting services made collaboration, tweaking and releasing incredibly fast and efficient. Reviews could occur at any time, day or night or at weekends with participants located, on several occasions, in 3 different continents.

Ultimately the company secured its series A funding and was able to take their start-up idea to the next stage.