Esparter – What’s in the name?

Esparto grass is an organic fibre produced from two species of perennial grasses of north Africa and southern Europe. It was used to make a whole variety of items, dating back 7000 years and is still used today. Items include baskets, rugs, ropes, floor coverings, paper, espadrilles and even walls for out-houses. In southern Spain there is an “Esparto culture”: a deep knowledge about the many uses of this fibre forms part of the traditions of these communities. As a carpenter is for wood, a craftsman for Esparto grass is an Esparter.

We love the symbolism of using deep knowledge of raw materials to  weave them together and create something useful. At Esparter we build and support web apps by ‘weaving’ together the best and most appropriate open source frameworks and components available.

By happy coincidence Espartero is also a rather nice Rioja wine.