What you’ll get

We specialise in delivering high quality bespoke  SPA’s single-page (web) applications . SPA’s have a richer and slicker experience than traditional ‘page-to-page’ websites. It’s not easy to provide the compelling digital experience that customers now expect. We think the following qualities are essential.

Fast time to market

When an opportunity arises you need to exploit it fast. Our experience and carefully crafted set of development tools and components typically enable us to deliver a working prototype in a few weeks. We then iteratively improve and extend it using an lean/agile development process. You and your customers get to use the software, understand what works and guide future features and requirements. It greatly increases ROI and reduces risk.

User Experience

It goes without saying that a web app must look good and reflect your brand identity. Our development tools make the skinning a breeze. Our real focus is on working out what are the users goals and making them easy and pleasurable to achieve. We look after the technical details – like pre-rendering the page on the server to reduce perceived load times. Especially important for mobile devices.

Works on many devices

Our web apps run on any device with a modern web browser – from mobile to desktop.  We’ve found that a mobile first, responsive design results in the simplest and cleanest solutions. It’s also vitally important to optimise the interaction for each device e.g. menus are easily reached with a thumb for mobile phones.

Cloud Deployment

By default we deploy to the Amazon cloud (AWS). A few minutes after we’ve finished development your app is available worldwide, hosted in a safe and secure environment. There are no upfront procurement costs. You pay for more services as usage scales up.


Our web apps automatically capture and store all events that happen in the browser. No third-party tools are needed. Those statistics are vital for understanding user behaviour and needs.  Even better you can replay a user session and get real feel for how they use the system. With this understanding we make the system better.

All errors are recorded so technical support can see exactly what was happening before the error. This speeds up fault diagnosis and correction.


Developing a web app isn’t a discrete project. It’s an ongoing support process of feedback and improvement. If you want, we’re here to carry on hosting and supporting for the full lifecycle.

We’ll provide full operating documentation and procedures with the Esparter Digitial Services Playbook.